Participate in the #BestPE2018 Twitter Campaign from January 8-14


It’s time for another opportunity to show your pride for physical education with Active Schools’ #BestPE2018 Campaign. Based on the tremendous success of “Take Your Parent to PE Week,” we want to continue to highlight the importance of physical education. Our goal is to show the public why physical education is important and making a difference in the lives of students. 

Example tweet pic for #BestPE2018 Example tweet pic of #BestPE2018

Let’s Resolve

Using the New Year’s resolution theme, we want to engage physical education teachers, principals, parents, and students in sharing their thoughts about the “best” PE. As a physical education teacher, your resolution (goal) could be:

  • Increasing communication and engagement with your students’ parents/families
  • Integrating new concepts into your environment and instruction (e.g., social-emotional learning, character/youth development)
  • Learning about and implementing adapted physical education strategies
  • Expanding your use of meaningful student assessment, both formative and summative
  • Being the physical activity leader for your school to engage others in expanding before, during and after school physical activity opportunities
  • Becoming a member of your national professional association, SHAPE America
  • Collaborating with your principal, teachers and staff, district PE coordinator, PTA/PTO etc. to enhance your school’s physical education and physical activity offerings
  • And more (think of verbs such as: demonstrate, develop, reflect, plan, trust, grow, model, inspire, serve, share, help, ask, listen, involve, connect, appreciate, experiment, innovate)

To get involved, simply: 
Example tweet for #BestPE2018

  1. Set your intention for 2018; consider putting it on a white/poster board and taking a photo of yourself
  2. Ask your principal to set a physical education goal for 2018
  3. Invite your students’ parents to set a physical education goal for 2018; encourage them to post their child’s goal as well

Share Your Picture on Twitter

Post on Twitter with #BestPE2018 and @ActiveSchoolsUS 

For Physical Education Teachers

  • My #BestPE2018 involves…XXXX @ActiveSchoolsUS
  • #BestPE2018 for my students means….XXXX @Active SchoolsUS
  • I’m going to….XXXX for #BestPE2018 @ActiveSchoolsUS
Example tweet for #BestPE2018 Example tweet for #BestPE2018
Example tweet for #BestPE2018 Example tweet for #BestPE2018

For Principals

  • My school’s #BestPE2018….XXX @ActiveSchoolsUS
  • Student learning in my school’s #BestPE2018….XXXX @ActiveSchoolsUS
  • #BestPE2018 by my school’s best PE teacher(s) will provide students with….XXXX @ActiveSchoolsUS

For Parents (and their children)

  • The #BestPE2018 I want for my child(ren) is….XXXX @ActiveSchoolsUS
  • As a parent, I will contribute to my child’s #BestPE2018 by….XXXX @ActiveSchoolsUS
  • I care about #BestPE2018 because….XXXX @ActiveSchoolsUS
  • My child says that #BestPE2018….XXXX @ActiveSchoolsUS